[REL] 1991 Group C v1.1 Released

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Petros Mak, Dec 24, 2015.

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    Suzuka race results are available here: http://game.old-drivers-spirit.fr:8000/championships/championship?cid=5
    It can show somethings on a 1h30 race. 30 drivers on the grid last Monday, those 3 cars are appreciated ! miss the Jaguar for me ;)
    A good remark from some participant after this race is that the C11 is still quite fast in corners because you can add more aero without decreasing too much your max speed. At suzuka it was the case, C11 was fast in corners.
    The organization of this championship was done keeping the fact that C11 was fast but can be less efficient in corners vs mazda as said in the manual.
    After Suzuka, I'm not sure of this and I still look at it. But for le mans for example, mazda will be clearly behind and drivers keep the same car for all the season, it is a tricky situation for me.
    For the next round at Monza, there will be some rain.
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    Strong mod!
    But very difficult to master. Even with an AI strength of just 84% I'm just behind it (Red Bull Ring). I had believed until this mod to have learned something slowly. Well I try again ...
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    Thanks again to Petros & MAK Corp for producing this fabulous mod.

    It takes some work both on the track and in the garage to compete at the 85% AI level (most tracks), thats OK by me.

    All the cars respond to tuning really well, nearly everywhere after tuning I turn laps within a second in each for the 962, C11, 787B. Each car needs different fine tuning strategies as you would expect for each of the cars.

    My favorite is the 962, despite the true to form flexible flyer torsional rigidity - noticeable to some after driving the 787B & C11.

    Having these races racing during my peak years I may be biased, but I think the Group C concept was the pinnacle of Prototype racing. The cars were utterly fabulous beats to drive back then and again now thanks to Petros!

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