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    1. Petros Mak
      Petros Mak
      All the models we show are made by modelers in our group and I have all the viable proof as well as the modelers who made them to prove it. If you need to check the integrity of our models you can get in contact with me via PM, we do not use ripped models or anyone else's models. It is a strict rule withing our group that we use nothing that is made by any third parties. Which model is in question?

      We make our modelers post progress reports of the models they build for us at least every second day, so I have progress shots for all models from beginning to end. Let me know which model is suspect and I'll get back to you.
    2. 88mphTim
      Hi, I got a report about the models in your mod linked here being ripped. Please check sources if possible. Although your use of the product is your use of the product, we would not wish to display it on the forum if possible (if it is true).

      Thanks for your time,

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    I am the leader of MAK-Corp that develops rFactor Mods, Games and PC Sim-Racing Hardware. Also develop private driver training simulations.

    Sim-Racing, Game Development, Motorsports, Fantasy Books.