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Discussion in 'Other' started by FuNK!, Jul 13, 2018.

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    The showroom, or better the lightning there, is broken and that's the reason why I stopped working on showroom designs for now. But great to see there are others that can make use of my work and improve that, and like to add new content in that area of the game ;)
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    the best showroom, so far for me is that of SuperGT GRAB_246.JPG
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    There looks to be some bugs with the showroom lighting and it may be the reason why there are so few showroom mods out there for RF2. Despite this, I think there's a need for a showroom for creating vehicle icons/thumbnails and I have to work with what we have. FuNK! you used a disk-shaped mesh for the floor and the walls in your showroom. I've also tried a bucket shaped mesh and I think the default lighting may work better with this mesh. Have you tried a different shaped mesh? If so what did you find?

    I've just come across something else that is unusual. Rotate= in the INI file is controlling more than automatic rotation of the vehicle and any other instances. When set to 1 the camera and the lighting are stationary and the vehicle and any other instances rotates. When you stop the rotation, you can manually rotate the vehicle etc. and the camera and the lighting are stationary. When set to 0 you can rotate the camera around the vehicle and any other instances; and the lighting is stationary. This means that if you want to take a screenshot of the right side of the car or its rear at a position set in the INI file, these sides will be in the cars shadow.

    Changing the mesh material "Direct X Shader" to "T1 No Shadows" removes the second shadow.
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