RTX4090 and rfactor2 VR Performance.

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    After some head scratching and fiddling I've eventually managed to get my system running well on my Reverb G2. The optimisation and tweaks were numerous and in several areas.

    1. BIOS - I made some big improvements here as many of the bios settings were set to default. Enabling XMP/DOCP memory profile made decent gains. Also enable resizable bar for my rtx3080. Then in addition synced my fclk and 3600 ram so infinity fabric ratio is now 1:1. Lastly some mild PBO overclocking on my 5800x CPU. Oh and very lastly I found that having 2 NVME drives installed was causing my pcie speed to run at 8x instead of 16x. Removed one NVME card and installed a sata drive.

    2. Windows 10, performance power profile selected, disabled just about every unnecessary background process. Enabled game mode. Finally installed "Project Lasso" and assigned 8 of my 16 cores to RF2 and disabled SMT mode for RF2. Set Rf2 process priority to High.

    3. Nvidia, latest drivers with Nvidia Geforce experience disabled. For RF2 selected high performance power mode, high performance textures and ultra latency. Also overclocked my rtx3080, 100mhz GPU and 300ghz memory.

    4. Steam VR. Replaced with open composite and OpenXR toolkit. Reverb G2 resolution overridden to 2800 pixel width per eye. Custom foveated rendering used

    5. Finally tweaked rf2 player.json file as per the information on this forum.
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    For Windows 11 22H2 users of WMR (HP Reverb G2, etc... ) who experienced the "HolographicShell Event Tracing" issue, please :

    1) Check your Windows Update today for a proper fix.

    2) Then look for KB5020044 which will need to be installed manually (single click of a button)


    More complete instructions here with screenshots etc :


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