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    1. tjc
      Ahh... a physiotherapist! I could do with you around here indeed wajdi...

      I`ll be back soon.

      Cheers. :)
    2. tjc
      Hey wajdi...

      I`m good man but been having some problems with my back, I hurt it a bit at work and it`s just taking a bit more time than I thought to get better. It`s a lot better than it was though and now I`m able to do some exercises to help it. I`ve not been near rf2 or any sim/game for weeks... :(

      I`ll be back soon though to burn some virtual rubber.

      I appreciate you asking... cheers.

      tj. :)
    3. 88mphTim
      Well done for not reacting to that "Israel" comment. Although nobody reported it, I couldn't let that one slide.
    4. SLuisHamilton
      Reported your message as "harassment" lol
    5. 1959nikos
    6. Max Attack
      Max Attack
      Howdy mate. I got a pm from you the other night and while replying to it my power went off and I lost the reply and pm. I am doing well, how have you been? I remember you asking about my ati settings. I don't change any of the settings just set it up for eyefinity and then a bezel correction and thats all I do.
      Hows your setup going. its great to hear your upgrading. Hope it goes well.
      My race Sim was sold (even though I still have it at my factory) and we are now working on one to beat it. We are looking at making our own controllers too and are designing them now.
      I have been quiet on forums as I do support all sims and don't want to cause arguments over which ones best.
      It was very good to hear from you anyway. If I can help with any thing pleae ask.
      Jason Simpson
    7. deak1944
      I have a 30kg load cell modded to G25 pedals that are controlled by a BU0836-LC. With DIView the load cell is calibrated "Min = 40, Center = 512, Max = 1023". Then in rFactor2 I just set Max and Min in the Controllers section. Hope this helps.
    8. Adrianstealth

      I've never used the simulation kit, I use e wireless cinema kit, very good too

      Yes buttkicker amps will power aura pro shakers no probs , just check the wattage on the kit amp you buy to be safe etc

      I'd maybe go for the buttkicker kit again ( the simulator one if you don't want to stretch to the cinema one) they are very good

      Can't wait for simvibe release !

      Yes you need a 2nd sound card, a cheap one is fine but don't go for one that relays on your CPU this will steal fps
    9. Adrianstealth
      Yes simvibe will work independent of any sound outputs as it uses a separate souncard

      If your mobo has built in 5.1 sound it can use this ( providing you never need this for sound as you use yr headphones USB )
    10. Max Attack
      Max Attack
      Nice looking rig mate.
    11. Alex Ball
      Alex Ball
      Hello :) - It's just a basic rig really - 3 23" montiors, run with an ati card - and windows 7. 'Nowt special :)
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