Released Reiza Pack Out Now!

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by Christopher Elliott, Mar 28, 2019.

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    I like the AI of AMS2 I find it great if it is set up well and used with a simple car and a well set up track :oops:
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    We should keep in mind that rF2 has made significant progress in certain areas, where some 3rd-party content will certainly fall behind. rF2 is undergoing changes that would only require additional rounds of updating DLC, if Reiza were to tackle such task too early. This is simply the nature of any title in long-term development, especially where 3rd-party content is involved.

    Are AMS2, rF2, iRacing, Raceroom, really that different? They are all long-term developments with periods of (seemingly), little to no progress.

    Reiza have stated that they intend to update the rF2 DLC content at some point however, they also receive criticism from sim community members for not having fully developed "x-feature" in AMS2 by now. It's not an enviable position to be in, I'm sure. We need to remember that we have the choice to occupy our Sim-racing time with other titles and/or content, while things evolve slowly.

    In hindsight (always 20-20;)), Reiza made the mistake of setting player expectations for AMS2 progress way too high from the start. They are now handling things a bit differently and I'm sure they would prefer to avoid such mistakes going forward. As someone who plays both rF2 and AMS2, I'm fine with any progress made, even if the rF2-Rieza content has to remain stagnant for some time. Neither title is perfect, each has its positive / negative aspects but, both continue to evolve. I'll happily accept that.

    AMS2 continues to improve and the current focus on tire-carcass development is very significant, as it brings car handling closer to what simulation fans know and expect, imo. At the same time, default setups have to be adjusted, as well as the refining different tires for widely varying conditions, AI, etc. This all requires a tremendous amount of time and testing but, Reiza continues to forge ahead with their long-term WIP approach, and it is paying off.
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    We are long overdue for an update on the update for the Reiza rF2 Bundle - firstly I´d like to apologise for this delay and let everyone know we´re still pushing hard to fit this in the schedule as soon as possible - we´ve been somewhat unfortunate with timing as it wouldn´t have been time-effective to tackle the rF2 content while the new rF2 features were still in development, and now that they are stable we really have our hands full with AMS2.

    We are eager to get back to it however and make use of the great progress rF2 has seen since our last update, but realistically it may still take a couple of months before we have window for it, and another month to get the work done - but we will get to it.
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    @RSimioni -Thank you for your honesty and laying out your plans for the future update(s). Have really enjoyed the unique Reiza rF2 Pack and look forward to your tweaking it.
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    thank you, there is no debate possible when we compare the cars with the rF2 Reiza bundle and with AMS2.
    The physics and FFB are massively superior in rFactor 2.
    AMS2 will stay like an enhanced Project cars 2.
    This rF2 Reiza bundle is the proof that AMS2 with rF2 could have been massively superior than with the Madness Engine.
    After many hundred of hours in Project cars 2, even with all the last updates, when I play AMS2, I always have the Project cars 2 feeling (with bugged suspension and oscillations since early access that Project cars 2 doesn't have), not a bad thing, but it's not a revolution, my thoughts of the low players base count.
    rFactor 2 is the best today.
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    Have you red the patch notes for the Incoming July patch? They even added three new tracks....
    The bug suspension and oscillations had to do with there physics engine which they are working on for all there cars. Not all of them had the treatment, same as rF2 In that sense.
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    Thank you for the update on the plans. Im glad your team concentrated on getting AMS2 to the update that was released this week, its a massive leap forward and AMS2 rapidly becoming my goto sim now.
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    I fully agree
  9. mantasisg

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    Incredible news to me. Reiza content is among favorites in rF2 to me. Eagerness to do update is all that matters. Can do this year, can do it next year, whenever it is going to be done it will be great great thing.
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    Keep in mind, about two years ago, they expected the updates to be finished before the end of that year.
  11. ebeninca

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    The rfactor2 engine is a bitch to work, lack a lot of basic things too, like decent in car LCD display, a decent transmission model for h pattern shifter cars, performance issues, etc... so they chose the easiest way, thinking more on commercial side then physics realism...

    I would like to see AMS2 on rf2 engine? Definitely. Rf2 physics and ffb are better? Yes.

    But the resources and money are very limited, so I can understand their decision.
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  12. Dady Cairo

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    All physics engines have flaws, all racing sims have room for improvement.
    The problem here is you won't find someone with the knowledge to improve the rf2 engine anymore..sadly.;)
  13. Binny

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    Not sure if this is true, but if so maybe its time to shelve rf2 and work on rf3 to release in a few years. IMHO there are ppl who could improve the engine, some very knowledgeable people out there, even some playing this sim.
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