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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 88mphTim, May 30, 2014.

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    I completely agree.

    Grading systems under community control often end up being useless as people tend to have different level of expectations. Not to mention they often grade by first impressions (visuals, sound) and ignore some practical aspects (working headlights or sector timing).

    We could have grading system that has two parts:
    - popularity meter - voted by community
    - checklist - filled by "chosen ones" only (be it ISI or selected community members).

    This checklist would simply point out things that car or track needs to have to be proper. Checklist could be split into categories, for example:

    Category - night racing (cars) :
    - Headlights should have proper range and strength
    - LCD's and other displays that should be visible in the dark are visible
    - No weird effects on windshield or other places, that get in the way of night racing
    - No problems with material settings (no weird emissive or "no shading" materials, etc)
    - Car receives lighting from external light sources

    Sometimes you just get a very nice car or track, but flawed in certain ways. I've run league for a few years and we often had some show breakers in tracks. For example - start/finish collision box spanned over entire track but only half of the pitlane. Most drivers were fine, but the ones that had their pit boxes at the line were bypassing this collision box and rFactor didn't count their laps. Or we had a nice car, but it's headlights had like 20 meters of range. Or tires that overheat while driving straight and cooling down in corners. Or brake lights that were set as shadow receivers and were barely visible in shadow.

    The idea of such checklist would be to guide / motivate modders into releasing fully functional, proper mods, while not judging subjective things like graphics or sound quality.

    It doesn't make much difference to me if there is a ranking system or not. But if there is one, it should be used to encourage some actual quality, not just show that Spa, Nord and modern F1 cars are still the most popular ;)

    Or in other words - ranking system should be something practical and you can't do that if you just let people vote as they like.
    And if it would be unpractical, then why even bother?
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    The original post was sharing of an idea, this developed into a monster with so many intricacies and details.

    Thought? This is a nice idea.
    Advice? ISI should keep ideas and development internal. The rating should be done by the staff as that can be done impartially and with the best understanding of what is "quality" given the full knowledge of rFactor 2.
    Etc? Don't ask us open-ended questions. Things derail and go south with subjectiveness after less than one page.
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    DO IT!!!! NOW!!

    I don´t read the whole thread so I don´t know if this is cleared already,
    But I would be VERY pleased if this licenses can directly put on the
    modders product, with all it´s benefits.?

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