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  1. Hm ... maybe I cannot see the forest for the trees, but I cannot choose a car from rFactor 2 while being in setup workbench - I have to say that I did not configure any of the modules or applications except running setup workbench from the apps overview.

    It seems to be a really good "tool" (I think it is much more than just a tool), but seems to be a little bit complex if someone would only use some of the included modules :)
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    No, you see all trees of the forest. The problem is, that rF2 does not have an open setup file format like AC or ACC. So you have only one generic car model and you are not able to edit setups. BUT: If you are using the rest of the software, it will learn the cars you are running and you can at least use the telemetry analyzer.
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  3. Ok.

    I see :)

    I think then I have no chance but using more modules ;-)

    Thanks for your info.

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