Released BMW M2 CS Updated

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by Coutie, Sep 25, 2023.

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    At the end it might just be preference and there is nothing wrong with prefering different cars and their unique handling. It's simply great that we have the choice and can choose what we want to race in the new system. One thing peope need to understand though if they aren't familiar with how rF2 works is that the three cars in the rookie class are very different. The M2 is a pretty soft car compared to the very stiff entry level prototype that is the Radical or the Tatuus wich are very responsive OW cars that rely on downforce. If you keep that in the back of your head and approach the cars with their distinctive characteristics you will get your head around all of them. That's the beauty of sim racing if you ask me - getting out of the comfort zone. ;)

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