Trying to move my lifetime license to steam.

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by m0rph150, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Not rf2 related but I paid for a lifetime licence for a software firewall for 3 pc's. In 2015 the company that I purchased it from were accquired by an other company. That new company would not or will not continue support for that firewall so I'm now using a different firewall at more expense. So it happens unfortunately nothing is guaranteed.
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    FWIW, The switch to steam was posted on the Game Launcher, Posted on most major Sim racing news outlets, and posted on the forums. If you were truly interested in rF2 you would have seen the news somewhere. The switch was being advertised for a good long time before the actual switch to Steam became mandatory. The switch to steam was in place for several months before S397 was formed and ISI sold rF2 to their parent company (Luminis).

    The move to steam started in November of 2015. At that time it was not a mandatory move, however, the user was encouraged to get a Steam license (Free at an equal level of what version you originally purchased)

    Luminis purchased rF2 from ISI in September of 2016. Steam was STILL not mandatory but strongly encouraged. At this time it was announced that the entire library and future builds would only be available for the steam users and all non-steam users were advised to obtain a Free steam key for their ISI copy of rF2. This FREE migration to Steam lasted until February of 2017.

    During all of these milestones all major Sim racing news outlets were covering the stories. If you did not get the message or understand that you, as the game purchaser, had a need to move to steam during that entire migration window then you were clearly not paying any sort of attention to anything sim related. This is a niche game in a niche genre.

    For anyone to say "I didn't get a mail from ISI or S397" is like people saying "I didnt register my car because I didnt get a notice from the DOT in the Mail." or "I didn't update my antivirus because I didnt get an e-mail from the software developer." Some things you need to pay attention to in order to be aware of changes and necessary actions on the users part.

    I am sorry you missed the boat but you can't blame anyone but yourself for this failing. This goes for all other posters in the S397 forums with the same or similar complaint.
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    Don't doubt my commitment to racing or this platform, thanks.
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    I am not guilt trapping anyone my friend and I would advice you not to take everything I say too personal. It's just my own experience and how I had to handle such problems in my own life as I fell flat on my face for exactly such reasons. But you are acting as we were living in a perfect world, wich isn't the case obviously. The problem in this case is, that noone is to blame as it is a dilemma.You can push the mistakes as much as you want to ISI/Studio 397. The problem with this is that they spammed the issue pretty much everywhere and did everything possible to make this as smooth as possible. If you think that they tried to trick their customers, I have to disappoint you. The sole reason why they did all those transitions is to make life easier for all customers. If you think that this attitude is questionable, then I can only give you one advice: play and enjoy the last non-steam build because that's actually what you paid for in first place.
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    I'm doubting it. Thanks.

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