The state of offline racing in early 2023 (RC branch, February 5th)

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by hitm4k3r, Feb 5, 2023.

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    As @Alex Sawczuk made a request to me to collect some replays of some of the current AI issues, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some ideas about the current state of offline racing, because it needs work. At this point you have only a small chance to get a realsitic racing experience even in shorter races of ten laps. So here are the main bullet points and the videos:
    • first of all the agression slider doesn't seem to be working, as the AI tries some really agressive moves and divebombs even at 0 % agression (yesterday I've seen LMP2 cars divebombing lapped GTE cars at the entry of Maggots); they also squeeze you really agressively on all agression levels
    • the second and propably most important issues is that the AI doesn't seem to be able to handle high downforce cars right now (tested the IR18, FR3.5, LMP2); as you will be able to see in the videos they have the tendency to completely misjudge braking distances and the opponent car speed in general, especialy in heavy braking zones (dirty air seems to be the critical factor here; either they aren't affected at all or they loose too much grip)
    • this leads to all kind off issues and get's exaggerated in multiclass situations, when faster cars try to lap slower cars into braking zones; the most obvious places to reproduce this are Monza T1, Bahrain T1, Laguna T1
    • I know those are critical corners in real live aswell, but you have a big chance of a crash in those corners, even when the race is going and not just the start
    • the AI in general doesn't seem to be able to judge the position and speed of other cars infront or behind them right in relation to their own speed and DF levels; going side by side still works fantastic though
    • another, propably track related issues is that the AI brakes at the main straight at Monza, when other cars leave the pits
    • to make the offline racing experience smoother in general I am missing a few things:
      • it would be great if the AI number would be set automaticly to the amount of different skins selected in the opponent filter (AMS1 does this and I am sure that this is possible); we still have to count them wich seems a bit wierd in the year 2023
      • please for gods sake, bring the search funtion for opponent filters (this clearly should be high on the list)
      • I still have to set the SC threshold so high that I don't get FCY, wich would happen every race if I hadn't tweaked that value, so please fix the FCY situation or offer SC tweaks in the menu (the safety car threshold and the safety car laps are a must have from my POV)
      • I know this is on the list and linked to CS development, but some form of easy offline championship creation is missing
      • we clearly need the icon tool to manage out skins better in the new UI

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    If championships are not going to be added soon, a quick option for saving and restoring Single Player settings will be very useful. This way we can have different personal "profiles" for Endurance, BTCC, Indy...
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