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    You are right partially. As an outlet to answer questions and get developer response that would be helpful to go to the wider community, it is not my cup of tea. As a chat program it is fine, although the larger the userbase the more cluttered it becomes in between all of the garbage.
    Thanks for that. So "technically" it is an aero imbalance under certain condition. I kind of thought it may have been FWMaxHeight but had not played around with this too much. Considering you generally don't get too much info on aero I used the spreadsheet to get reasonable overall values from the numbers I did have.
    As for doing tyres choice. I was the "lucky" one in our mod team.:confused: 3-4 years later I still know nothing....but a lot about it;)o_O
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    Tbh, I am not sure if I should laugh or cry when I see video titles labeling rF2 "dead" or "failing", because those titles alone couldn't be more far off from reality. This platform his hosting the biggest event in history of sim racing in a few weeks ffs, offers some very nice racing broadcasts with the Race Allstars stuff and just looking how the number of average Joes using it on a regular substantialy increased over the last years with the sim offering Porsches, Ferraris and some mighty fine legendary tracks indicates that something was clearly managed in the right way. And GM claiming that you need to 2 hours to get a simple offline race going while claiming to know how the sim works is just the icing on the cake, because at the end it's complete bullshit and riding on the usual myth bandwagon. I won't tell you how many tries I would need to get some 3rd party content downloaded for AC, to install it with some 1990s style copy and pasting while f*cking up your install and get an offline race going due to the fantastic AI in AC, let alone finding an online race with my desired content. As with rF2 the truth lies in the pudding and get's often overlooked because you could simply argue that Kunos were the first to offer the option to run 24/7 GT3 or Tourist servers in a sim environment. And I won't even tell you wich kind of issues I found when Kunos launched new content, because cars were flying and taking off aswell. That's not an rF2 exclusive, even if people like to believe this kind of stuff.

    I think by now everyone inlcuding S397 knows what needs improvements and it isn't as if they are completely ignorant to it. From my personal view, for modders the packaging system can be a bit more tededious but once you get the hang of it, it's not something that seems out of this world - AC modders allways need to zip and upload their mod allways to RD or any other side for that matter once something changes. And the question is, if modders are (and should be) really the main target audience, because living from modders will get you only so far. I know, AC and rF1 are extereme examples, but that's still something for the later stages of the life cycle of such a product. For the "average Joe" end user the packaging system and the workshop integration is a god send and that's equaly important to understand. This sim has by far the most advanced form of 3rd party distribution while not f*cking up your core game and it get's often treated as some buggy or evil thing, wich it simply isn't. To get a sim to a healthy level you need to build a good base, wich includes good quality core content, and you may like it or not that's where S397 needs to be earning some money to keep the development going. And if you really need all the content, that lacks focus according to gamermuscle, is a completely different story. Given the fact that there are clear themes for the DLCs with the Reiza stuff, Kart content, FE and a very heavy focus on Endurance racing I would argue against such statements especialy looking how the DLCs were arranged in AC wich made no sense at all.

    And on a last note: AC content is distributed exactly the same way as in rF2, so you need to own everything that is used on a server. For some reason I never saw someone complaining about it. The reason for this is simple aswell. The 3rd party content is very cheap now and included in the Final edition on steam. There might come a point when something similar happens for rF2 so that the DLCs prices drop heavily further down the line. If you buy content early, it's expensive and it's been like that since ages, so make a desicion for yourself when you buy content and if you really need it.
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    Just wondering if anyone could let me know i have never seen an update that says changes if any to modding, is this done in some other way ? Im just curious to how modders find changes in updates if any ? example... does it hinder them or hurt them when updating and releasing content ?
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    I don't understand complaints about steam workshop integration.
    All one has to do is go to
    There you can find any track or vehicle you like within a few seconds and put it in rf2 with a single button click!
    There is even popular/recent lists as in pornhub so it is really intuitive.
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    With the big changes rF2 is going trough, it is wasted energy to support it for modders too, as it can be tweaked or changed next month for example. They will probably go support modding when the PBR stuff for example is "done" or like it's not going to change drastically anymore.
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