Circuito dos Cristais ?

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    I kindly ask for someone of you artists that wants to spend time on developing this circuit, also known as Curvelo Track.
    I know there is a BTB version for rFactor1 and also a version for AMS, but I didn't see this last and I don't know the quality of the job.

    I can provide any detailed data, gps etc... as needed, because both the owner of the Metalmoro MR1 and owners of the circuit are ready to share them.

    The people that tested the MR1, that gave me real data and that never used rFactor2, now are using it and they will use it for further tests and they were really surprised to see how much rFactor2 is better than other simgames.
    To have available the circuit could be very interesting not only for them, because they can compare real car and mod (and test potential modifications in advance), but also for developing another track closed to the real one.

    PM me please if interested in making the track.

    Thank you.
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