Brightness of tail lights with dx11

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by summvs, May 10, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    Using the open beta I noticed that the brightness of the tail lights is depended on illumination of at least the headlights of other cars(maybe also track lights?) Two things that possibly could use improvement imo are:
    • The tail lights appear brighter when illuminated while I would expect them to appear brighter when not illuminated. Just like in this pic:
    • This effect is bugged and is popping in and out for me, maybe more out then in.
    I'll show some ingame screenshots to demonstrate
    Illuminated bright:
    not illuminated:
    And also illuminated not bright:

    This is on pp: medium, other settings are high expect shadowblur: off.
    I would like to see the tail lights a bit brighter then in those screenshots, it would give me more immersion
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    Jun 15, 2016
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    I can only agree with the obove mentioned issues. Got to say though, that it is not only the tail lights. In general emissive objects seem to behave inverted, that means they glow when it is bright or when they are illuminated by sun and look dull when it is dark. Can especialy be seen with dash lights of the updated cars. Would also be nice to get properly glowing break discs, especialy for night racing. Another thing that I noticed is, that the front headlights of the Cobra are flickering in replays, so there is some tweaking needed. This is how the C6R wheels/break discs look in replays with all display settings on high: 365960_20170509235213_1.png
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    I can confirm this. Noticed it at the backire of some cars. Beautiful screenshot by the way... ;)
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    to be honest this is one of the first thing my eyes got stuck on after the initial "HOLY CRAP" feeling toned down a bit, something's off with how especially tail-lights look, as it's mainly the only thing you actually focus on while driving, the car ahead, doesn't look like it's emitting light in the correct intensity.

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