[WIP] 70's Formula 1

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    jump in a Guest Car an join us, next Race is the Österreichring


    The Österreichring is up there with the old Spa-Francorchamps as one of the world’s great race tracks left behind by a changing world said John Watson

    The new Red Bull Ring is a nice track but when you compare it to the old layout it is nothing. The old track was very fast, every corner was a fast sweeper and was taken in no lower than third gear in a five-speed gearbox and fourth in a six-speed gearbox. It had noticeable changes in elevation during the course of a lap. But the track was getting too fast and dangerous in the mid-1980s. By 1986 when turbos pushed Formula One engine power to upwards of 1,400 bhp (1,044 kW; 1,419 PS) in qualifying, saw Derek Warwick speed trapped at 344 km/h (214 mph) in his BMW powered Brabham BT55 on the run to the Bosch Kurve. in 1987 pole-sitter Nelson Piquet's time for the 5.942 km of 1:23.357 set an average speed record for the circuit of 256.621 km/h.

    After Risto lost his engine and Olliver won the last race it will be a great track to push Risto a little more.

    It is an amazing track for our F11970 Cars.

    New drivers are always welcome.
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    That Offy was looking really good....
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    Giving these our first run at the F3-Fanatics this week. Found the 67 BRM a bit tamer than I expected but maybe just haven't pushed hard enough yet.
    Thanks for all the hard work you have put into the mod.

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