Bryan Birtwell
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Oct 15, 2017
Jan 12, 2012
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Arizona USA
I own and run Bisbee Computers, LLC

Bryan Birtwell

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Oct 15, 2017
    1. Adrianstealth
      Hi Bryan

      Can you let me know how you actually did hosting ????
    2. Tucker Fleming
      Tucker Fleming
      Hey! I'm in for a wee donation, paypal addy please!
    3. SPASKIS
      you are welcome Bryan!
    4. Navigator
      Hi Bryan,
      No problem, was the least I could do!
      Greetings, Wim.
    5. 1959nikos
      Hey Bryan, you deserve more than that, great help you gave there :)
    6. Bryan Birtwell
      Bryan Birtwell
      Heya Roberto,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      When a I saw you on the server last night, you implied that you were all set. I trust that, that is still the case.

      I'll see ya online!

    7. Robcart944
      Hey Brian Birtwell, this is Roberto. we raced the other night (my night) and you told me to PM you about video settings. I had problems registering. they thought I was SPAM and had to go through Tim who is on vacation. anyway, I apreciate you helping me with these video settings. I'm embaressed not knowing a lot. I used to work alot and never had time. now an accident has me at home. Well here is some info you might need:
      i7 860 1156 with 4Mb ram (I know, I should get more)
      Oc'd to 3.8Gb Ram 1900MHz (have 2200 RAM)
      MSi R6950 Twin Frozr 2 2Gb (unlocked extra shaders but nothing else)
      I have core set at 920 Memory set at 1400 using Afterburner.
      Thanks for helping me with this. If there is anything I can do for you holler. I will also start racing at that server also. Durge's server isn't always on. Anyway, thanks again
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    Arizona USA
    I own and run Bisbee Computers, LLC
    Bryan Birtwell
    System: Operating System:
    Windows 7
    System: Motherboard:
    ASUS Formula IV
    System: CPU:
    1090T @ 3.9 Gig
    System: RAM:
    Kingston 16000 16Gigs
    System: Graphics:
    ATi HD7970
    System: Sound:
    Soound Blaster X-Blaster Headphones, Butt Kicker
    System: Storage:
    (2) 1 ter in raid
    System: Screen Setup:
    28" ASUS main monitor 14" Dell
    System: Internet Service:
    Wireless DSL 7meg/2meg
    System: Controls:
    Highly modified G25/ Thrustmaster shifter
    Been racing computer sims since 1996.
    I own/run Bisbee Computers, LLC in Bisbee, AZ
    Play electric guitar and sing at a local church.

    Racing sims, flight sims, playing guitar, reading my bible.