Windows 11 + T300 (and perhaps other TM wheel) = compatibility !

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    The answer of my request by TM support team :

    Bonjour David XXXXX,

    Thank you for your inquiry and for contacting our Thrustmaster support!

    We would like to inform you that our Thrustmaster team has carried out numerous compatibility tests with the new Windows 11 and the T300 products and drivers are compatible with Windows 11.

    However, it is necessary that your version of Windows 11 is a version installed naturally and not with a forced installation (when your components are not compatible with Windows 11 but the installation of Windows 11 is forced to bypass this non compatibility).

    If you have any other inquiries regarding our product do not hesitate to contact us back by simply replying to this email.

    We wish you a pleasant day and remain at your disposal for further questions about our products.


     Robinson , votre agent Thrustmaster

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