VRC 2019 FALL S397 GT3 Series | Sundays

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    VRC is proud to announce the VRC Fall 2019 GT3 Series. SIGN UP AND JOIN THE FUN!!!

    The series will use the Studio 397 GT3 and rFchallengers packs.

    This series will consist of 2 Pre-Season Races and 10 Points races. 8 out of 10 races will count towards series points so you can have couple off weeks if life surprises. Each event will get a separate event thread at VRC business events board.

    Race Weekend will start at 16:35 GMT (12:35pm ET) Sunday. Races will be 60 minutes in length. Each driver is required to perform a mandatory pit stop, taking on a minimum of 2 tires. The driver may choose when this pit stop happens. Penalty stops do not count as a pit stop.

    Allowed assists will be Auto Clutch only. Drivers may change Traction Control and ABS under setup options.

    VRC Rules and regulations will be enforced. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of VRC Administration.

    The top 20 drivers will get points. It is as follows:
    26, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    - 2 points for the pole
    - 1 point for starting a race
    - 1 point for finishing race while completing at least 75% of leader laps.

    In order to ensure the safe and consistent racing our members have come to expect, registration for the series will be mandatory.

    Please announce your intent to race in this series and which vehicle you will be driving in this post. You will then be considered "registered" for the series. You need only register once for the entire series.

    Registrants are encouraged to use their real name. We race against people, not their online egos. On the race server real names are enforced, but since Steam does not mandate real names be used it is difficult to enforce the use of a real name on the server in all cases.

    Upon completion of registration on the forums drivers can announce their intent to participate in the series in this post. Your name will be added to the registrants list. There is no minimum amount of races you need to participate in if you sign up, but we would like to know if you can only do few races.

    Discussion for this series will be done here:

    We are excited to host this series and look forward to seeing you on track.
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    VRC GT3 2019 Fall Series - Monza

    Sunday, November 10th, 2019
    Practice starts at 4:35pm GMT (11:35am ET)

    Race Details
    - Link at VRC forum: http://vrc.createaforum.com/vrc-events/vrc-gt3-2019-fall-series-monza/
    - Mod: Studio 397 GT3.
    - Track: Monza

    Race day Schedule
    - Practice start (45 Mins) 4:35pm GMT (11:35am ET) - Open session
    - Qualifying start (15 Mins) 5:20pm GMT (12:20pm ET) - Open session
    - Warm Up start (5 Mins) 5:35pm GMT (12:35pm ET) - Open session
    - Race start (60 Mins) 5:40pm GMT (12:40pm ET) - Closed session

    Discord Server info:

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