[Video] British GP 1968

Discussion in 'Real Racing Discussion' started by Mauro, Apr 30, 2018.

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    A dangerous era for the drivers, but real racing on proper race tracks, not like the micky mouse tracks of modern F1. Modern F1 is so boring to watch now. I use to watch every race in Nigel Mansell's era, I would take a portable TV with me if I was out for the day.
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    I agree, most of the thrill back in the previous millennium was the fact that they used it put it all on the line and one mistake would cost them. Now if they make a mistake there's a mile of tarmac so it doesn't even cost them any time. I don't want drivers killing themselves, but the element of danger is gone, I think it's great that they can walk away from a crash - But there needs to be more of a risk when you get it wrong. Bring back the grass and gravel. Azerbaijan is great, because it has that risk factor as street circuits do. But the permanent tracks need that back also. Not to mention that I hate all these low kerbs these days, drivers get all 4 wheels off the track and get away with it and actually gain from it. That's not right at all.

    F1 just becomes more sterile as time goes on, and I find myself more interested in WRC. At least the WRC don't cut down trees and remove grass to create run-off. Boy, that would suck.

    I think another thing is that there's something missing, the "Grand Prix" part. I just don't get a "Grand Prix" vibe anymore. I think it has something to do with their corporate and entertainment approach. And the sport looks too clean these days. Don't know how to explain it.
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    1968 :( birth of the evil with the first wings then it will be the flat bottoms then electronic...until the F1 we have now.

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