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    I made a little video waiting for the realroad in lemans to be completly updated, joining a local hosted server. Heavy grip. The realroad file is 300kb big approx. Not that much. The video is > 20min long (dont worry, only 34mb, because nothing is happening). When the update each minute got less 2k to previous size I stopped. From offline I know how big the heavy grip is approx. You can look at start at end of the vid...

    So it too me >20minutes, wow....why is the realroad update so incredible slow? If you do a driver swap, you MUST join 20minutes earlier to get full grip. The file of the Nordschleife is even 3 times bigger!
    When we raced the LM 24h last year, one of our driver left his first stint during rain and came to a new stint in dry condition. But his saved realroad was still wet. He was sent out by the previous driver on slicks of course, because it was dry, but he had to made one full lap in wet condtions with spray until the slow update turned everything to dry. And after that lap he still no had full grip probably. This can turn any 24h event or endurance race into desaster, especially with changing weather. I hope for improvements in near futere.
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