VEC feeder series - SRCA fast-track event

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    Hello all,

    The Virtual Endurance Championship (VEC) is one of the largest series in sim racing, run by S397's head of competition.

    It mirrors elements of the WEC and IMSA, and runs 3 classes (Hypercar/LMP2/GTE) in 4-24 hour races Only official S397 content is used.

    For those keen to race in the VEC, the mandatory academy series (SRCA) will run a fast-track event on the 5th of January, condensing what would usually take 3 weeks into 1 day. The SRCA sign-up usually fills up within 2 minutes. The early bird gets the worm.

    You must have an account on the SRC forums in order to sign up: Sign up is done by hovering over "SimRacing.Club Academy" on the home page:

    Good luck.

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