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    Greetings to all Simracers!

    On 12th of April the german Abgefahren! Community will launch the second rFactor 2 V8 Supercars Season.

    It features the FVR V8Supercars 2020 Mod, racing on 7 unique australian locations, including a Bathurst 1000 in june and Adelaide 500 in july, and one location which will be a vote by the drivers! Normally there will be 2 races each evening, a qualification race (20 minutes) and a main race (40 minutes).

    Races are on Monday evening (beginning with training at 6:30 pm GMT+1), but Bathurst 1000 and Adelaide 500 will take place on sunday afternoon to evening.

    We have 30 spots for drivers, either as one-man- or two-men-team (or -women- ;)) - 22 are registered till today (14th of march). So we have still 8 free entries for upcoming Supercar-drivers ;-)

    Besides this the Bathurst 1000 Race needs two drivers/car - if you haven`t time on monday, maybe you can join as a second entry to support one of our drivers on this event ;-)

    On 15th of march and 29th of march we have two pre-season races for all entries and people who are not sure. Also we can offer guest entries in a max of two races during the season! Joining the league will also be possible during season (last race on July 25th)

    More information (in german) on https://www.abgf-community.de/forum/rf2-abgf-v8-supercars-sii/asc-ii-allgemeine-infos-zur-saison - but we can deliver information in english in this thread or on teamspeak (https://www.abgf-community.de/ scroll to the bottom of the page to "Teamspeak beitreten" - you will find some nice people in the rFactor 2 area ;-)).

    It would give us great pleasure to welcome you in our communty and to race the V8 Supercars in rFactor 2!

    Thanks for your attention. =)

    A stream from the first race of our 2020 Supercars season in Melbourne, featuring the 2018 cars ;-)
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