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Discussion in 'Real Racing Discussion' started by FONismo, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Little follow up montage to the one i did last year for my other channel Racingflicks. It's had over 800,000 views now, so am really happy. This year was as good and exciting as ever. At one point, just 0.2 secs covered 1st and 2nd and when you consider the track is over 37 miles, then 0.2 between the riders is nothing short of astonishing! Really do respect these guys and just love the TT. Only another 334 days to go to next year!

    Watch small screen 1080p

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    Class vid mate, i'm a biker myself and a big fan of the tt, i have never been yet but my old man has been going for many years i will go one year.

    No other rider/driver on earth has balls as big as a tt rider !

    Subscribed to your vids top stuff.

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