Translating chat messages from server plugin

Discussion in 'Plugins' started by rigodon, Jun 9, 2020.

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    Hi All, in theory chat messages sent from a plugin are translatable:

    struct MessageInfoV01
    char mText[128]; // message to display

    unsigned char mDestination; // 0 = message center, 1 = chat (can be used for multiplayer chat commands)
    unsigned char mTranslate; // 0 = do not attempt to translate, 1 = attempt to translate

    unsigned char mExpansion[126]; // for future use (possibly what color, what font, and seconds to display)

    I created a new entry in the appropriate message file. If I try destination=0 then nothing appears, regardless the translation thing. If I try destination=1, then message it's shown, but translation is not working. I tried with the text "[Server]: " in front, I tried without it, no difference. Of course, the mTranslate variable is set to 1.

    Does any of you have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.

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