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Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Oleg, Sep 30, 2012.

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    Hello ISI,

    Not sure whether this is a correct Sub-forum for my question, please move it to proper section if applies.

    All ANM files seems to contain pre-computed per-frame animation, and 3dsMax export with different "Get Frames From" settings give no difference. Looks like it was intended to support "Key frame" animation export (with real-time frames interpolation on game engine), but ANM are always saved in mode "Interval" framing each 1/FPS second.

    So, the question: does game engine support key-frame interpolation, or it requires ANM files to contain precomputed per-frame data to be saved? output ANM files (driver steering) are usually appears to be about 1-2Mb size) while these could be 50-100kb for almost no cost.

    Just curious.

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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Resurrecting this thread as I'm to a point scripting seamless vertex/bone flag animations for rF2 export where I need to know what Oleg was asking in his post. I can write it to do this on the max side, but hoping it's not necessary.

    Has anyone been able to adjust animation speed via the rF2 export plugin's "Interval FPS" spinner?

    Is there an .scn file statement that can control playback rate?

    Just Curious too,

    [ btw... Seamless bone/vertex animation for space-warp wind... turns out to not be a trivial thing to automate... I don't recommend it as a 1st script. During parts of the process, the max stack for ONE of the necessary construction objects looks like this: Normal Modifier > Morpher Mod > Volume Select Mod > Point Cache (Cloth) > usersObject (each animated). Fortunately, the script does all of the time consuming stuff. It's working better each day, and I should be able to post a nice toy for everyone to play with soon.... ]

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