The state of pick-up racing in rf2

Discussion in 'Online Racing Discussion' started by Flaux, May 15, 2017.

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    Does S397 intend to change something in the way rf2 is used in multiplayer? (or,... can you even do something about it)

    The populated servers are league servers and public racing specially with stock content doesn't seem to happen. I usually search for the official S397 servers but they are not online all the time... right?

    It's the only reason why I'm active in AC. I drove AC as much as I drove rf2. The only difference, I drove it all in multiplayer. Where on the other hand, rf2, I only drove offline.

    I would love to have a community that is interested in casual public pick-up racing in rf2 aswell, specially with stock content, because that's the easiest and fastest way to pick-up racing.

    I can join a league any day, I know, but that's not the point of this post. And right now, it is all about a successful transition to dx11. I know, too.

    I hope everyone understands that I have a good intention in bringing this up and that I don't get flamed for talking about something that isn't working quite well at the moment. Cheers!
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    After observing multiplayer participation in various sims for over a decade, it seems active pick-up racing happens when there are at least 500 simultaneous online players. At that number, then there are enough people interested in a pick-up race to spread among a few servers with different content while the league-oriented people will continue to participate in league races/practice.

    Servers oriented to pick-up racing need to advertise themselves as being configured for pick-up racing. ISI had 1 to 4 public servers open, but usage was minimal with a few notable exceptions (like Meganes in the early years and DW12) .

    Right now, per, rF2 has only a couple hours per day when there are more than 500 players even launching the game. It used to be 80% of players launching rF2 were online, but I think that number has dropped closer to 40% lately, thus rF2 never reaches the critical mass for pick-up racing.
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    From some of the new UI screens, it would appear that its going to be integrated similar to most other racing games.. but only time will tell when thats rolled out.
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    I think the only hope is to join a good league or gain some interest to start own, my interest is open top f1, historic & modern

    so I prefer spark f1 ....don't think there's a league for this so I'll have to start one or have an online get together with pals/forum interest
    for modern f1 I've tried the mod ones and they seem ultra grippy and ffb not as good as ISI 2012 official f1

    not quiet sure which way to go, with content still being updated and dx11 in early stage I'm in no rush
    but hope to be competing come winter time

    the laptime of a player vanishing when a he disconnects doesn't help as there is no hot lap competition (which is good practice) , I think a simple alt would remedy this but so far no response/news on this
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