The next step after the bare minimum?

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    Ok, so I followed the bare minimum stickied thread.

    And then I went looking for other threads. But most are from 2012, and we've moved on a bit from there. Gjed is obsolete, and you have to use the 2017 max plugin.

    So, what I want to do now is:

    • Define other driveable surfaces, like sand pits and concrete spots with different friction.
    • Set starting positions for my car and other player's cars.
    • Figure out which shaders are actually part of the new PBR stuff and what maps are and aren't required.
    For the second point, this is apparently a guide on how to do this:

    The problem is that even if I choose 0 ai and remove all other cars, there's still a second car placed on top of mine when I enter the game, and it seems like that might prevent me from moving my car (I can turn the wheel, but when I give full throttle, my car stays in place).

    EDIT: For the above problem, in addition to any surface you want to be able to drive on having to be named RaceSurface_x, they must apparently have a sub-material named road_x, where X is a description of your choosing. This is apparently what the "tdf prefix" in the following document means...

    And you can find the definitions in the .tdf file in the root of your track's folder structure where the Materials=xxxx is the prefix.

    A new problem has arisen, however, in that I don't get any tire sounds at all. Not from normal driving and not from loss of gripp.
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