The characteristics of the ideal simulation according to the users of Rfactor 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dadaboomda, Sep 27, 2017.

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    SMS has a couple of very good audio engineers on staff who are more than capable of creating some great sounds but, I'm sure there are cases where they simply don't have high quality reference recordings to work from. Still, there are many inconsistencies in the audio and some go way beyond sample quality. I have to think that they simply didn't have enough time to tidy things up before release of PC2 - at least I hope that's the case.

    Racing Sim audio is hard to do well; that's quite apparent given how few really convincing examples we have today but, PC2 seems to be pretty sloppy as it stands right now. Hopefully, SMS will continue to improve PC2 sounds for some time.

    Every sound engine has it's strengths and weaknesses but, if we compare the replay sounds in PC2 vs AC, AC spanks PC2 on several key points and AC doesn't even have the best samples yet, both titles use the same engine. I just sense a lot of short-cuts being taken in PC2 audio as it currently stands.
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    Marcel confirmed what i was saying, first competition infraestructure with new cars and tracks, next physics.

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    great interview,i have a warm feeling inside about s397 and rf2,the next few years will hopefully see rf2 reach its full potential and then there wont be a sim that can touch it.
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    dude studios are men with a thinking box.why do you think they use betas an give a few gamers early access? doesn't matter how perfect you do,people have more demands they are right to. games are not as simple as they used to be. they get better over time with others helps.
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    When one reads a thread title "The characteristics of the ideal simulation according to the users of Rfactor 2" this idealistic list does make sense but I got the impression that OP wants to help improve and perfect specific game - RF2 - with messages to the S397 (exact quotes from OP) like these:

    ...improve the tire model to keep a big lead over the other simulations...
    Improve the other elements of physics...
    Further improve the FFB...
    The variety of cars is very important, they have to have all the rain tires...
    Create an algorithm to manage aquaplaning, improve rain tires if possible and include them in all existing and future cars...
    Laser scanned tracks with as much detail as possible on the road...
    ...In my opinion, the relevant choices are the GP tracks and the Nordschleife...
    Improve the impact of the gum according to the conditions, erasure of the gum, formation and evaporation of the water, humidity, temperature etc
    Graphic quality: improve the shadows and especially the performances related to the shadows...

    Telling "Nordschleife is important" to a professional sim racing software studio isn't stating the obvious? What kind of any prosperity can come out of such statements?
    Messages like "Improve the other elements of physics" are helpful?
    I really don't know how OP can help RF2 to become better but this surely isn't a way.

    If I missunderstood OP's intentions and he just wants to express his view of ideal racing sim than I apologise (although in both cases I find his post a bit naive and childish).

    And you can not compare such an dreamlist/wishlist and beta testing with proper feedback.
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    For new players of this sim, it is not easy to determine whether the wheel is clipping. A dx9 plugin can help with this, but afaik it is not possible to adjust the ffb while in the car. It would be a huge help to have info about clipping available and to be able to adjust accordingly.
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    Are there any users who would like to do as I do on the 1st post :
    - give the priorities of the ideal simulation (understand what you want in priority in the evolution of rf2 ;)).

    I still think it's helpful and interesting.

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