Suggestions to improve rf2 and win the sim batlle's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alysson Pacheco, Dec 14, 2023.

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    I have rf2 for a long time, but for the first time I really can enjoy the sim. I always liked the phisics and ffb, but the amount of bugs and difficulties to race online made me uninstall hundred times.
    I want to rf2 to be successful, because this sim just ruined my experience in other sims. None can't compete against the experience in terms of simulation that rf2 delivery.
    So, I will make a little list of aspects to improve the experience and maybe have a chance to destroy the opponents.

    1- Implement practice servers to allow people to choose which car want to race. It's annoying have to race radicals, for example, when you just want to race BMW M2. And don't suggest people to practice offline. There is a lot of guys, inclusive me, which always want to compete against others. Doesn't matter if in a race or for the best lap.

    2- Implement, maybe in the intermediate class, more series with fixed setups, like GTs or F3, for example. I always liked to make my own setups. But I can't do it anymore. I don't have time. There is a lot the guys which have similar background. There is a reason why other sims have implement more and more fixed series. People like to race, not necessarily to suffer trying to make good setup

    3- As a psychologist, I know behaviors of the people tend to be consolidated if there is gratification. So, implement little bonus or prizes for each race tend to amplify the desire to race more and more. A more clear ranked system, with a metric value for each race and ladder, could be enough to do this job.

    4- Fix bugs. I had a bug which disconnect me of the server a lot when I try to join. This need to be fixed. I know this is a problem which a lot of guys have and for a long time. This works exactly like opposite to what I said before (3). It's a aversive experience and usually I struggle to keep going because my mind want to get out this sim and sit in a rival title.

    5- Increase the offer of discounts to buy cars and tracks or promove a weekend where people can test different cars for free for a day or two. Some people have curiosity to try rfactor 2 but don't want to pay more, besides what they already pay in the main sim. There is a lot of guys which know about the old issues of the rf2 and do not will try the sim again without a good reason. But, believe me, if this bunch of guy's try gt3 cars, for example, in a good track combo and with a lot of guys in a server, I really doubt they will give up the rf2. This sim is a hided gem. We need more people to discovery this.

    Ps.: English its not my native language. So, sorry if anything which I said was not clear or easy to understand.
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    You wrote: "4- Fix bugs. I had a bug which disconnect me of the server a lot when I try to join. This need to be fixed. I know this is a problem which a lot of guys have and for a long time."

    I started having this issue after a few days after buying rF2 recently. I am trying different things to fix anything on my system or rf2 install that may be causing it, but its a new sim ... I don't know exactly what to try. I started a thread on lost connection in the tech support forum.

    Other issues that I see: 1- The yellow temp car. Its got to go. Go back to a pace car temp car.

    2- Tatuus PM 18 : May the designer of that vehicle stick whatever that thing is obstructing the view (halo) up his ars! Don't use this vehicle for folks new to rF2. I will not drive that thing.

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    The block of cheese is what I call it, is there so that people joining while you are ontrack will not cause lag for you. Going back to pits or setting a keybind to load the cars will solve the problem. Note: setting a keybind to display liveries will cause you to lag, so don't press on corners. Go to Settings=> Assign Controls=> Assists and Gameplay=> Load vehicles.

    You can make it transparent (up to 10%). I didn't like it much at first but after a while the brain doesn't even see it.
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    I think he is talking about failing to join properly, rather than being disconnected afterwards. That's long been a varying issue with the online system(s) in rF2.

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