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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by nickbalti, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. nickbalti

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    We use GridEdit.196 to do reverse grids etc, but is there anything we can do for ballast?

    So for example - Two races - driver who comes first gets 55kg, driver who came second gets 45kg?

    I'd rather not have to do it manually and enter driver names manually.
  2. davehenrie

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    used to be able to in rF1, but I don't think it ever got migrated to rF2. It's like ISI got bored somewhere along the way and just forgot about dozens of items that worked in rF1 but never got sorted for 2.
    From what I remember, ballast rarely affected online races. Adding just a kilo to an AI car could change it's pace, but the fast guys stayed fast even with 10 or 20 kilos.
  3. SmellySkidmark

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    I've been in races in RF2 that have had success ballast added, it just seems to be just about the same for fast guys as it makes cars brake and corner better, It does make a difference to everyone else, aliens do what they do.

    I only know the manual way, there is a command to have it load automatically on a specific driver when they enter the server, someone else may be able to help with that.

    /setmass <mass> <name>
    // admin/server command to apply a penalty mass (0-255 kg) to the specified player
    with immediate effect,
    lasting for the rest of the weekend.

  4. Lazza

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    @SmellySkidmark From what I've seen people tend to use the Welcome Message plugin to facilitate automatic ballast, as it tends to undo itself in certain scenarios (not sure on simple reconnects).

    That doesn't really help with the OP, and I'm not sure there's a tool out there (public at least) to automatically set ballast based on race results. It wouldn't be a stretch from tools that are out there already, just a matter of motivation really.

    @davehenrie I can't recall if adding mass was a UI feature in rF1, but I'm pretty sure automatic ballast wasn't a thing. And I know for sure adding mass had a tangible effect on laptimes (online), as we used it a number of times to good effect. And I don't just mean "setmass wars" when the server admin password got out (all in good fun, of course).
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    We found that the setmass feature while it added weight didn't always have the desired effect as it would only add the weight directly over the rear axle. So the last time I used success ballast in a mod for a series I created 3 podium cars for each driver and then the drivers on the podium had to use those cars that related to their last podium placing in their next event. This way the weight was in the HDV and the weight that was extra was balanced out over the whole car. So if you are willing to set it up it can be done and easy to use but you would have to re package the mod ;)

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