succesfull reproduction of the 'fullscreen-isue'

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    Breakthrough!! succesfull reproduction of the 'fullscreen-issue': Rf2 seemingly running in fullscreen-mode, but actually not.

    Occurs when I click anywhere on the desktop with the mouse while the Rf2 is starting up(with the start-up logo visible), after having chosen single- or multiplayer from the Rf2 launcher. After having done so, the screens(triples) go black for a second or so when one clicks any buttons in the Rf2 main menu, then return and Rf2 seemingly still runs in fullscreen-mode, but actually does not. Consequences: massive lag, like when playing in windowed mode, and the ability to hear windows-sounds when pressing any button while in-game.

    Steps to Reproduce: started up Rf2 several times, sometimes with purposefully clicking anywhere on the windows desktop and sometimes not. Validity rate 100%

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