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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nazirull Safry Paijo, Oct 2, 2015.

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    Hi guys.

    I think its is good if a subforum can be added here where we can share setups. In that thread we can specify for which track the setup is for and other details.

    Since now the number of cars is growing, its good that we all have a central reference point for setups and discussions on it.
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    +1 There is currently a sticky thread dedicated to setups. However setups for particular car and track combinations are scattered over 12 pages which is increasingly inconvenient to search multiple pages to find a setup. For example, a subforum with a sticky thread for car would facillitate finding setups.
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    There is no better way to get setups then go online ( even if you offline ) in the car you want setups for, but just don't save them, rename them.

    Setups are not the big problem it's clicking on 100 links no matter if they on one page or not, then saving them and more then likely having to paste to correct folder. ( needless drama )

    Next thing is people need to rename them so they are distinct and write in NOTES.

    I suggested torrents here even before the track torrent but as I said back then one big torrent
    was not the way to go for tracks or cars even they found out.

    Difference was I thought a better place to start with torrents and get everyone involved was setups !
    Why ? Well for one thing they are small and two they have no permissions.

    Everyone would send in all their setups winrar and grafted from setups folder, they get added in torrent by setup admin every week.
    Updating it would not be anywhere near the issue as a giant folder of 100mb+ tracks or mods


    Get the torrent, one click, all setups added in correct locations ........OR you could select by individual tracks even by car even by author as they would have to all be named so they were distinguishable. ......not just 001 002 003

    'Setup's Admin" would need to reject setups that did not conform to rules, ie: file naming and notes.
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