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    Ive been having an issue for a while now and I was hoping that someone can help me resolve it Rfactor 2 will be running fine for me with my FPS usually in the 70-80 range. After a bit of continuous play ( maybe 20-30 minutes ) my game and car will start "stuttering" where the screen will just kinda freeze up for a half second before resuming. If it helps it seems like the lap and session clock keep running while the stutters occur. As time goes on the stutters get more and more frequent . It doesnt seem to matter if I use dx11 content or not.

    Things that I have tried ( that have either made little or no difference
    1. Enable and disable vsync
    2. Enable and Disable GPU sync
    3. Enable and Disable Agressive Threading
    4. Enable and Disable Wide Screen HUD
    5. Run in Full Screen

    My computers Specs:
    - Windows 10 Home
    - Intel Core i7 8750H ( 4.1 Ghz )
    - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
    - 16 Gb Ram 2666Mhz
    - Using 43 inch 4k LG TV as monitor

    If theres any more information that I should post please let me know, Id like to get this resolved and Id be happy to try anything suggested or provide any info needed. So what should I try next?

    P.S. I meant to post this in the support thread but I dont see a New Thread button in there so if a mod could please move the thread if appropriate thank you
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    Do what is said here:
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    Agressive Threading should always be disabled. Remember to close any web-browser that is running, as it will cause a lot of screen freeze and bullet time. As well as any other background applications that may take up cpu resource. If all of those are not working, it's probably one of the physics freeze bug that a lot people experiencing atm.
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    I use to have similar stuttering to you, my solution was to set Record to memory to true in the player json. I have never had any stuttering since, runs silky smooth and have had no problems with memory usage.
    Open player json in notepad.
    Scroll down to the Game Options section and scroll down to.
    "Record To Memory":true,
    "Record To Memory#":"record replays to memory rather than disk (may possibly reduce stuttering, but at your own risk because memory usage will be significant for long races)",
    Hope this cures your problem
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