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    Hello to all rfactor fans!
    Look at these two videos that i have uploaded below to understand what is happening in my system when i go to some servers, at the moment i am on the official "nord all cars" server!
    On the first video i have four more people on the server, sometimes the fps of my system drops below 10, sitting still in the garage sometimes it can happen that the fps can go up to 60 (they don’t go higher since I have a blockage of 60) for a short time!
    In the second video you see a single game in which I have four more bot drivers, in this case my FPS is in normal mode, that is, at 60.
    Why is this happening, is there any explanation?

    My system:
    intel xeon 1650 v2 4.2ghz 6 core,
    RAM 1800×4 quad channel 32Gb,
    Videocard 3070,
    Nvma hard disk 3500read 2500 write,
    triple screen 1080×3,
    full settings 99%

    Thank you for answering!

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