Steering rotation with Thrustmaster T500

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Wozza_UK, Aug 6, 2017.

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    My problem is there is no car in rF2 where I can truly get my steering wheel centered. As I drive along the straight my wheel is always over to the right a little and when I straighten it the car the car goes over to the left (obviously). I also have a lot of problems even trying to get the rotation of the screen wheel to match my real-life wheel. I am currently using a workaround.

    My wheel is a Thrustmaster T500 and, before you ask, I have tried Thrustmasters calibration software, but to no avail.

    I do not have this problem with Assetto Corsa or Raceroom but I do have a similar problem - although not as bad - with Automobilista (only the rotation matching issue, not the centering issue. Again I fix this with a workaround).

    For rF2, to get my steering wheel to match the one on screen I do the following (this works with some cars but not others):

    1. I start the race or practice session.
    2. I go into Settings/Controls.
    3. I uncheck the Vehicle Set box.
    4. I adjust the Steering Wheel Range setting to 900.
    5. I RE-check the Vehicle Set box and click Race.

    Note: the steering degrees in my profiler is always 900.

    The above normally corrects the rotation and, in fact, I notice that when I go back into the Settings/Controls screen the range has gone back to its default based on the car (which is what you would expect I suppose). The centering is still off however and it only works with the following cars:

    Historic F3 (Spark)
    Skip Barber
    Brabham BT20
    Clio Cup 2010

    I have not tried all cars in the sim and I still have problems with these cars:

    Howston G4
    Howston Dissenter

    With these cars the only way I can get the screen wheel to match my wheel is to set the Steering Wheel Range to 400 in Settings/Controls, which obviously is an unrealistic rotation.

    The centering issue is weird. If I rotate my wheel clockwise and match the bottom spoke to the one on screen the centering is nearly there. If I rotate the wheel anticlockwise I can see it is still way off. So it seems I am getting different steering behaviour depending on which direction I turn my wheel! :eek:

    I have tried recalibrating my wheel and also using the 'Verify Integrity of Game Files' button in Steam.

    So clearly something is 'up' and any help you can give me is appreciated. :cool:
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    Have you un-checked the box that allows the type of car to determine the degrees of rotation? Is that what you're calling the Vechicle Set box? if so, don't check it. Run 900 if that's what you want.
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    Have you tried setting the rotation for your wheel at its full extent of 1080 in the configuration dialog for the device? I have a T500 too but do not get this problem. Have you checked for a driver update for the T500?

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