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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amanda Santini, Jul 16, 2021.

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    So ever since I started with rFactor 2, I couldn't wrap my mind around how we need double the disk space required to play anything on rFactor 2. What I mean by that is if (example) I subscribe to a mod that is 3 GB in space, I must unavoidably reserve 6 GB of space, 3 GB for the workshop files (which will never be touched again unless there's an update) and 3 GB for the actual rFactor 2 main folder.

    While this system works for smaller games, it's pretty crazy to think about reserving 120 GB of disk space if I want to drive on a 60 GB simulator. It doesn't make sense. Most mods aren't updated for a veeery long time anyways, I mean the most recent update on my workshop list is from about a month ago and the last item on the first page was updated on the beginning of the year. If I go to Page 3, the mods were updated January of last year, yet they're still occupying double the space required to actually play them and while the workshop files are sitting there unused.

    So would it be possible to at least give the opportunity (for those who want to) to be able to delete the workshop folder entirely and/or make an automated system that deletes the workshop files if you e.g. update and install a mod? The files are already installed, I don't need them. I have unlimited internet download bandwidth (so I can re-download any updates no problem), but I don't have an unlimited SSD.

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    Sure you can DO! Just take the files from the steam workshop folder and put them in a folder Remove the subscriptions from steam and install the files manually by placing them in the package folder Install the machines or tracks (MOD) files via mod manager or via game started After installing the game package folder you can safely empty it! This way you will have the mods installed but you will have all your precious GIGA back on your disk !! Obviously you won't get the updates but most of the mods haven't been updated in years !! But just follow if there are any updates on any track or car I personally only keep subscriptions to official content or paid dlc and little else
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    use the Windows 10 "mklink" command to move the \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\365960 folder to your data drive.
    saves me 118gb on my SSD . . . that help ??
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