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    Hi Guys (@Marcel Offermans, @Christopher Elliott and people),

    I have a some little wishes and requests I'd like suggest here to improve organization both in races and out of then. I'll enumerate below:

    In races:

    1. Any information about Start, Restart, all infos of Yellow Flag and Blue Flag can be registered in log. Thereby, the leagues admins have a better control to analyse incidents and other cases.

    2. Create a separation of classes in Knockout Qualifying. Thereby, we can configurate 2 sessions separated to each class;

    3. Improve a "ADMIN" function on server. He would receive more informations about other drivers as well as create more commands, as look the informations of any driver (infos about YF and Blue Flag even in garage);

    4. Create a "Safety-Car Human" function. He would be THE Safety Car, replacing the Safety car original of track, with special functions to help the Race Director in some cases (would not count as a driver in track).

    Out of Races:

    5. Change a setting of method o pit stops from HDV file to RFM file. Like this, we can configurate the better method o pit stops without change in each car file. Would work perfectly for the paid content. OR put this setting in Ugrade File.

    6. Create an intelligence of pit groups. If I set one per car, the Sim understand and separate this, just as when we will set 2 drivers the Sim understand and this. In this case, easier to creators of tracks set only one garage and pit spots and the Sim interpretate this looking the setting in RFM file.

    7. In Steam Workshop, create classifications of contents. Thereby, the community can filter the search and the content creators can set the best classification to your content. Ex.: Skinpacks, Livery Pack and Carsets of Leagues to have a a single classification "League Packages". Cars classified as "Formula", "Touring", "GT", "Prototype", "Off Road".... And tracks as "Street", "Permanent", "Short Oval", "Speedway"... Or per continents: "Asia", "Europe";

    8. Create a FAQ with the forum content and put this in site with search and more...

    Sorry for long text, but years of simracing (organizing, driving, being a race director) made look to this situations wich can be improved.

    My League (Virtual Endurance Brazil) and Me really want to help the Studio and community with most informations some possible.

    Thanks in advance for opened the space!
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