Sim Racing Australia. GT3 Series. starts 03/09/2018

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    This Series requires the Pay Mod of Studio 397 (current developers of rF2).

    Studio 397 GT3 Pack - link to shop

    2018 GT3 Series

    Mod: Studio 397 GT3 Pack

    Server: - Server open during week & password on race night

    Teamspeak Address:
    Teamspeak is compulsory for race night
    You need to be signed up to the forum to enter
    By signing up to the championship you must adhere to the SRA Racing Rules

    Server Settings

    Fuel 1x
    Tyres 2x
    Timescale 4x
    Real road 2x
    Real Weather Enabled
    Damage 75%
    Flags All ex/DQ
    Pitlane Speed limit 80kph
    *Traction Control Available
    *ABS Avaliable
    Track will be set to light rubber. All rubber built up over practice will be kept for the race.

    *New in-car traction control and anti-lock brake settings. Now you can have levels of both. Check Key bindings for new setting

    Start Procedure: Manual formation lap, single file rolling start, no overlapping or overtaking before the start/finish line
    Green flag on the grid signals the start of the formation lap. (don't move before the green to avoid penalties from the game)
    Leader will set the pace between 100 and 140km/h; maintain single file. If you spin, let the whole field pass and rejoin at the rear - you may NOT retake your original starting position.
    Leader can accelerate at their discretion AFTER exiting the final corner

    Monday Night Race Format
    Session Time (AEST) Length
    Practice 7:00PM 90 minutes
    Qualifying 8:30PM 10 minutes
    Unlimited Laps
    Warmup 8:40PM 9 minutes
    Race 8:50PM 65 minutes


    You must complete 50% of race to score points


    Date Location
    03/09/18 Valde Vienne
    17/09/18 Magnificent Park
    1/10/18 Virginia Raceway
    15/10/18 Bathurst
    29/10/18 Barcelona
    12/11/18 Le Bugatti
    26/11/18 Daytona
    10/12/18 Yas Marina

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