Sim Racers 4 Life - Fun Event - USF2000 at Lime Rock

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    Welcome to Sim Racers 4 Life Fun Events.

    Sim Racers 4 Life welcomes you to another of our typical Fun Events.
    This time we race the USF2000 at Lime Rock "All chicanes" layout.

    SR4L wishes you good luck for this fun event.

    Please Read The News Before Entering This Event

    Race day Information

    2x32 Laps

    Nov 11th 2018

    17:25 GMT (18:25 CET - 12:25 EDT)
    120 minute practice
    19:25 GMT (20:25 CET - 14:25 EDT)
    30 minute qualifying
    20:00 GMT (21:00 CET - 15:00 EDT)
    --7 minute warmup--
    Race 1 - 32 laps
    --7 minute warmup--
    Race 2 - 32 laps

    Being a Fun Event, NO mandatory pitstop is required during the race.

    Download links:
    Lime Rock:
    Server Settings

    Server name: !SR4L Server 2
    Fuel usage: Normal
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Damage: 0% (Fun event setting)
    Auto Clutch on

    Please read our "Sim Racing Etiquette" post
    Please read our "Members Expectations" post

    Don't hesitate in joining Sim Racers 4 Life

    Please check this post periodically for posible changes.


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