Server Automation with WinAppDriver.exe & Selenium/Appium-Webdriver (NodeJS)

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    Is there any interest in automating the rFactor2 server window?
    I have "written" (hacked) a "program" (I am not a programmer) that determines the current state of the server (clients connected, current session, time remaining etc) and performs functions accordingly. Rather than explain it badly, there is an example running in my public server, "F1 1988 (P.A.I.R.S.)"
    • During Practice, the latest championship scores are written to the chat window (every race on the server counts towards a 4-race mini-championship, a seperate NodeJS script performs this). Message repeates every 5 minutes.
    • During Qualifying, 1 chat message appears at ~30 seconds after the start of the session explaining Qualifying rules. If no clients are connected, no AI is added. If 1 or more clients are connected, AI will be added.
    • At Monza, in the final seconds of qualifying, if no clients are connected the server will "<< Restart Weekend". All other circuits will move onto the next track in rotation.
    This was more a technical exercise to see if I could. But happy to explain and provide examples if there's interest? Capture.PNG

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