Sensitive on Input Format (decimal symbol)

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    I was struggling setting up a dedicated server (with steamcmd) without luck. Installation was fine but when lauching the the server it stopped abrutly at "loading track" - chat window said
    Generating garage spots because there are more vehicles than spots available
    Logs indicating something weired as well, e.g.:
    13.71s vehload.cpp 574: Syntax warning in HDV body distribution: did not find three values for local offset in value: "(0.1:FRONT_SUBBODY:(0,0,-0.15),0.9:REAR_SUBBODY:(0,0,0.15))"
    3.71s garage.cpp 597: Error parsing special value: "BRAKEPRESSURESPECIAL=(1,42.0," kg",)"

    I have my regional setttings (in Windows 10) adjusted to conform to swedish (using comma as decimal symbol). Went into these settings and reset the formats (to american), and now server started without any problem. Then went back and changed decimal symbol to comma (insteead of period) again. Server crashing again. Changed back to period and server runs again.
    So developers, please check this and ensure parsing of files are set up correct - I guess by bypassing the customize format settings.
    Not sure if its just my machine and my account, but but... could be good for others to be aware of this.

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