rFactor 2 Build 998 "Max" released

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    Hier gibts den Download, oder über Autoupdate.

    Update 33 (Build 998) Changelog:

    – Added an option to the KnockoutQualifying plugin to have a fixed number of vehicles being scored in Q2/Q3/Q4, rather than have a variable number which was computed proportionally based on the number of vehicles in Q1.
    – Added the admin command /pitbyvehicle. This is similar to /pitbydriver and /pitbyteam, but finds matches to the Description in the VEH file.
    – On line map, put player’s icon and the icon for the car to be followed under caution in front of the others so they are easier to keep track of.
    – Juggled some suspension geometry initialization so that caster changes affect the outboard pushrod location.
    – Added results file tag which lists the layout MAS file.
    – Letting “virtual” cars override “Classes” & “Category” from the base vehicle file. (in a text editor, by hand.)
    – Made the key for triple-head configuration and the TGM display into a single configurable control.
    – Added onboard right track bar adjustment, which requires the HDV [SUSPENSION] setting OnboardRightTrackBarAdjustment=1.
    – Expanded multiview adjustments to allow separate side channel settings
    – Added multiview adjustment tool, toggle with ctrl-equal
    – Default pace car is Corvette
    – Made fuel adjustment in legacy HDV variable BoostEffects work on new engine model (note that using the new turbo technology already results in more fuel being consumed naturally).

    – Corrected albedo levels on several particle textures.
    – Fix for not checking mod versions when changing mods
    – Fixed an issue where a rear axle adjustment was essentially being done twice in initialization.
    – Fix for server not writing correct results when everybody leaves session.
    – An attempt to avoid the opponent car jitters that start happening after a few hours and get worse in long multiplayer sessions. This still needs to be tested (using the admin command /forwardseconds should help).
    – Fix for locale errors in config.ini
    – Corrected static ARB forces (already accounted for non-symmetric ride heights, but now accounts for non-symmetric springs and weights as well)
    – Fixed underbody scraping sound.
    – Small fix to prevent the upgrade tree list from updating the current track when not in realtime.
    – Fixed place readout and camera cycling by place in normal (i.e. non-instant) replay mode.
    – The wheels on other clients’ vehicles should usually rotate at approximately the correct speed now.
    – Attempted fix for race rejoin where client still thinks vehicle is under AI control.
    – Fixed a bug in the stock car rules plugin where DNF’d or DQ’d cars could be in the track order of cars under caution.
    – Fixed a bug in the stock car rules plugin that could incorrectly identify a vehicle as not “up to speed” and therefore should be ignored in the track order of cars under caution.

    – Added “none” to AIW editor text display options. Fixed step distance/speed not getting saved for track overrides in AIW editor.
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