Rexing Formula Steering Wheel

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    I’ve noticed that there are a few people on here who are part of the direct drive brigade (Accuforce, Bodnar & OSW), so for anyone looking to complement their DD wheel or add further immersion I thought I’d write a quick introduction for my latest addition.

    The product is a Rexing formula steering wheel, made by Rexing in Croatia using a carbon fibre shell in conjunction with high quality knitter buttons and encoders. Had been looking to purchase one of these for a while before finally biting the bullet. I can’t emphasise the amount of quality and detail that’s gone into the production of this wheel, it’s a true work of art!

    I spent a few weeks exchanging contact with Rexing via email. They were extremely helpful dealing with all of my queries. The wheel is also supplied with propriety software produced by Rexing; although the current version is somewhat basic, a pro software is currently being tested and should be released fairly soon. The pro software will offer an infinite amount of options to the end user, allowing multiple pages of data, akin to the data on real F1 steering wheels.

    The wheel can be purchased as a basic version or with optional components. Rexing have recently introduced a GT steering wheel for modding, where customers can make their own layout for electronics, buttons, switches, quick release, shifters, and Rexing will do the cutouts for you. I should have a review of that in the near future.

    For anyone interested check out their website!

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