Replaced PC with exact same, now game can barely run!

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Matt Chadwick, Feb 4, 2018.

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    I previously had been running the game through my laptop with i5, 8GB RAM and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050. It ran perfectly fine, decent framerate and decent enough graphic quality even after the DX11 update.

    My laptop was water damaged and replaced by the insurance with a factory refurbed and reset version the EXACT SAME system, same specs, completely as new. I reinstalled rFactor 2 and initially it was completely unplayable with half of the screen blanked out, and a kind of black box behind the car visible in replay. But it turned out the game wasn't using the Nvidia card but instead using Intel HD Graphics or something, so I switched that over in the video settings and it improved a lot.

    However now I still have no framerate even with everything on the absolute lowest settings, which is making me think maybe it isn't even about the graphics? It's still undrivably jerky even on with all settings to minimum, and the sound is kind of like an 80's arcade game.

    I just don't know what else to change or try, and don't get how it can run fine on one example of the same laptop and just completely not work on another?

    I realise I'm probably being stupid and that there is probably a simple fix or set up that I haven't done, but please can someone give me some pointers as to what to try?

    Just to rub salt in the wounds, the game runs fine as it used to in dev mode. With the same Video Settings.
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    Sometimes the game is not really starting in fullscreen properly, which is a known issue with many systems. The solution is to alt-tab repeatedly to get your framerate back, and make sure you always run in fullscreen instead of windowed mode. The other thing with laptops is that sometimes the CPU throttles down a lot unless you have it plugged to AC. You can check CPU usage in-game by pressing Ctrl+C and reading the purple bar (green is GPU).
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    Check as well energy options.
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    Every time you start and the launcher is on screen, get into the habit of going to the Video settings and make sure it is selecting your 1050 and not set on Auto.

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