Radical SR3 - Minor AI tweaks

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MarcG, Feb 28, 2018.

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    As mentioned to @Christopher Elliott on Discord I've noticed the AI are slightly faster at 100% Strength in a Straight Line, using Hidden Valley (1km front straight) they gradually pull away from you. When lowering Rear Wing to 5 I can keep alongside them matching their top speed right up to the braking point, so perhaps their Default Wing is lower than the Players default.

    Chris also mentioned that a Talent File had been included in the recent Update for these cars, after 5+ races I'm seeing very differing results with no consistency at all in the final standings. I'm expecting to see the same drivers finish towards the front with the others towards the middle & rear of the pack, of course variations have to be taken into account but so far I'm not seeing any evidence that the Talent File is either A) setup correctly or B) that it's values are of any use.

    Nitpicking I know but that's what I'm here for :p
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    :) But then Gorillas pick nits off of fellow Great Apes ... co-incidence?
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