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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mehmet ersen, Sep 10, 2017.

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    I just wanted to run the beginnings of an idea by here to see what people think. Sorry if this is lame or has already been done.

    The idea is to setup a server with a minimum lap race (2 i think) with no practice, quali or warmup (if possible) that repeats constantly, so you get as much focused practice as possible at race starts going wheel to wheel with other drivers in a tight pack and aggressive overtaking.

    The idea is that those that participate regularly in this focused kind of practice can eventually become monster starters with great racecraft and will be completley comfortable and in control in the most dangerous phase of a race. With so much experience to be gained from this kind of practice i think you can become so familiar with it that you will anticipate everything that unfolds instead of relying on reaction. With a track like Lime rock for example you could get 30 mini races per hour. In 3 hours racing you could get 90 starts under your belt and X amount of overtakes.

    it could just be a major crash fest and put drivers off . Having said that, avoiding crash's that happen in front of you is something worth practicing too. I think there is no room for emotion only focus and composure and quick thinking for those that thrive in the intensity of the start, that is what this training aspires to. In this quick fire racing format crashes should be briefly analized for learning purposes but not dwelled on or argued over. After all there is not much time until the next start.

    I have done this practice with AI and it is good up to a point and i have made progress but the problem is the AI doesnt behave exactly like a human driver.

    I got the idea after playing a bit of counter strike last year and i was amazed at how through focused practice and by isolating skills on (head shot only) servers, (1v1 Arena) (knife only), (surf) etc, CS players where able to aquire some seriously freakish skills. I even surprised myself and got toward the top of the leader boards occasionally. I proved to myself and believe that this kind of practice works, i hope others would want to join in so we can all improve together.

    A few questions...

    Anyone else think this is a good idea?
    How can driving standards be regulated?
    How could this work and avoid being a total crash fest?
    How many driver slots on the grid?
    which car / track? (i like USF200 and Skippy)
    cycle car/tracks? how often?
    Is there any way to have a leaderboard for most positions gained, also a record of contact with other cars.?
    Any other Ideas?
    Have i missed anything?
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    I like the idea. I dont know how successful it would be... I could see a lot of people complaining, but then again, its very hard, nigh, impossible to please everyone. ;)

    Driving standards will probably be the biggest issue, as there will be X saying Y was a problem and yadda yadda...
    My opinion would be that anyone that doesnt behave like a bloody bowling ball is free to stay; as you stated, the first 2 laps is where most contacts/crashes happen, so there likely will be very few perfectly clean sessions.

    Driver slots, I would go maximum for the track. Honestly, if youre practicing starts to better your comfort/skill in hectic situations, the bigger the better.

    Avoiding a crash fest will, again, be tricky. The beautiful thing about a 1hr endurance race is that it forces you to be cautious in the beginning; as the race is not won on the first lap, but it sure as hell can be lost there. :rolleyes:
    The problem I see with the quick-fire 2 lap races is people simply trying to see how many positions they can make on lap one, not so much practice keeping their vehicle, as well as their fellow racer's vehicles intact; which, IMO, should be the primary intent of the server.

    As for car/track choice, I think we would need something of a poll. Honestly, the absolute best bet would be to have multiple servers; at least 2, one for Open Wheeler's, one for full body cars. If it becomes popular, there could even be one for FWD cars like WTCC, which face a lot more door-bangin' than pretty much any other form of sanctioned racing. Of course, each of these cars require their own skill sets, and will appeal to a different group of people. A simple touch is thoughtless in a FWD, a bit sketchy at speed with a RWD, and a bloody nightmare without any fenders to save you from the gods of Winds... :eek::D:D

    I believe there is a log/telemetry type app, but Im pretty sure it goes to your system, and you would have to post the reports personally, but I could be wrong here. The only telemetry I play with is real-time(TrackMap).

    I hope this catches on. Like you said, it is certainly worth the practice, and AI is quite different from real drivers. :cool:

    Like CS do you? You should check out Escape from Tarkov. Its a lot more hardcore, but its a damn blast once youve attained some gear and go in with a squad of your own. :D

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    In regard to drivers not being careful, i think it hinges on having a leaderboard system that takes in to account things like positions gained and contact to produce a score for each driver. maybe it's possible through plugins to implement something?

    Tarkov looks great i will get aroud to trying it someday. There are just too many games to keep up with.


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