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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crankee Stroka, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Since this is an issue, Im ahead of times Terence always:D
    Nope, I dont know anything about it, I guess it should be around in near future, RF is the top sim for the last years afaik, Im confident it will continue to be so.
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    See how this thread is useful, i´d like to know whats is minimum upload and download rates exclusive to rff2 to play online? I just cant find the answer.

    edit: it only says "internet connection " on features page (http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/rf2features/)

    I could bet there must be a minimum up, down and ping.
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    Yeh, as Nimugp said, I was just teasing about your rf3 typo nikos...

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    Ok thank you everyone!
    Firstly profuse apologies for the brevity Tim. I do think/speak/type gemini rapid fire.
    50% get it 50% dont. MY problem no one elses sorry.
    (shame my racing isn't as quick):rolleyes:

    1. Didn't know about the separate download for dev mode yet. Thank you for posting the link Max!
    2. Great idea for separate dld and I stress once again I was not, nor would I be complaining.
    3. Did not know about the black border indicating lifetime, thx so much!
    4. I just chucked this thread up not realising it could be beneficial for everyone.

    It IS a good idea for a thread so do with it what you will ISI.
    (Sticky maybe idk? *glances at the podium of worldfamousness :cool: lolol) \0/ <possibly
    Start a new one Tim if you think the idea is worthy? not my forum :)

    It's (rF2) really coming together ISI and the forums & contributors are way cool.
    Thank you.

    ps: I'll pay lifetime for rF3 right now if you want? *drools
    But seriously, dev partner/rF Pro is my ultimate goal and hopefully 2014 may see funds to make that happen.
    (Creo CAD & ISI/Rf Pro should do a package) = absolute digital heaven.
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