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    Hi, may you please give me info (or a link where to find them) about the following settings about wheel ?

    - Rotation Limit Mode: I have "Device Driver"; what about "Software" ? which are the differences ?

    - Max Wheel Angle Mode: I have "Automatic (Failed)"; why "failed" ? what about "Custom" ?

    - Steering effects strenght: Positive or Negative ? and which is the difference ?
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    I'll jump around. The positive or negative is mainly for Logitech wheel owners. For whatever reason, the Logitech devices use a reversed value for FFB. So if your car feels like it is pulling you around the corner instead of resisting your turn, then try the opposite setting. So most wheels use Positve, Logitech wheels choose negative.

    Alot of wheels do not make use of the relatively new setting for the device drive & max wheel value. So the failed message is rather common. it is not a problem, just used by the sim to determine which method to use.
    The Default max wheel value for most wheels is set in the windows control panel outside of rF2. The most common setting is 900°. Then the next line RANGE SET BY VEHICLE set to on will adjust your wheel's range to match the physics of that car.
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