problem exiting/restarting rf2

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by sman, May 11, 2020.

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    Hello does someone know answer for this , thx
    When i need to restart because off update workshop or Packages then i select restart but nothing is happening , i need to Ctrl+Alt+ Delete and then select ending RF2.

    Second simular problem is when i want to EXIT the game from in the main menu. first Exit game works then it jumps to the screen with the RF2 logo , i prees exit game subtitles run but wont stop the game , and there it will stay frozen untill i also press crtl+alt+delete to stop it.

    I deleted the total game and made fresh install / no solution . Then i created i new file Userdata-1 but also no solution. Already did run several times integrity check but nothing helps.
    Its not a matter off life and death because just takes few seconds to do trl+alt+delete BUT its very frustrating that i cant solve it upload_2020-5-12_0-10-20.gif upload_2020-5-12_0-10-20.gif upload_2020-5-12_0-10-20.gif
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    Same problem here. My steam keeps downloading the workshop items then "an error occurred while updatating rF2 (apps running)" when I restart steam, it will downloading the workshop items from start again. VERY FRUSTRATING
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    I have found that If you are running the old copy of SetUp Developer, then it's hard as heck to shut down rF2, there something in it that screw with rF2.

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