PrestoGP Formula Racing League (ISI Renault 3.5 2014)

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    We at
    PrestoGP are alway's looking for new driver's to join us, We are a very friendly open league who like to have fun and help each other along the way.
    PrestoGP you'll usually find the opposite of other league's where help and setup's are at a minimum as people don't want to give their secret's away,at PrestoGP there are no secret's,
    the fastest guy's will alway's be willing to help you find that extra few tenth's if you need it.

    Now some info about us, You will find most of what you need here

    Our date's and time's are shown in our Calender thread on RaceDepartment but generally we are every 2 week's and follow UK time.

    7:00pm Practise
    8:00pm Qualifying
    8:10pm Practise Starts
    8.20pm Warmup
    8:30pm Race (60minutes)

    Our next Race is at Monaco 27/5/15

    To sign up just drop us a message in our General Chat thread or Sign ups, We hope to see some new face's very soon.

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